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About Our Handyman Service 

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Hammer & Nail Etc…Handyman Service is in the business of taking care of you home. We understand the importance of quality work, customer service, and affordable rates. Isn’t that what you want from a handyman? We’re here to deliver.

Handyman Quality Work 

We strive to complete every job with the highest quality workmanship possible. There’s no such thing as “band aid” fixes with us. We do the job the right way the first time around. This saves you money and keeps your house in top shape and we get the satisfaction of walking away from the job knowing that we did it right and that it will have lasting results.

Reliable Service

We understand you need a reliable handyman who you can count on when something needs fixing. We have a growing customer base that counts on us to be there when they need help and our goal is to do the same for you. We try our best to keep our wait time as short as possible so we can provide you with the fastest service in the business. Oh and one more thing, we’ll always answer our phone when you call.

You’re Handyman for Years to Come

We’d like to be your go to handyman service when you need repairs or Home Improvements done to your home. Please call us or submit a quote request at any time. We’ll be there for you.

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We have over 30 years’ experience in the Handyman field, most of the time when you call we can quote you right over the phone. We have se pricing on such things like replacement of doors, repairs, water heater replacement, locks and, much more pick up the phone and call us.

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I called Raymond after I had already spoke to two other local handymen. He called me back instantly and we spoke on the phone for about 30 minutes. He gave me a quote and new exactly what I was describing that I want to have done. I just purchased my first home and had a few questions and he gave me some excellent advice! He was very professional but made me feel as if I were talking to a family member and cared about the work that I needed to have done in my home. I didn't get that feeling from the other handyman that I spoke to before Raymond. I already trust him and will be calling him back to start my job in a few weeks before I move into my new home!

Thank you Raymond,
You will be hearing from me soon

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